What people are saying about Community Education:

“Everyone feels at home in this (Cinema) course. The tutor is perfect at her job allowing comments without criticism. A perfect moderator of very well chosen films”.

“The (German) course was challenging and very enjoyable. The teacher is clear, patient and helpful”.

“In Life Drawing I got to draw a variety of different models and could see my improvement. Enjoyed focussing on different pose lengths and feeling more comfortable with different materials”.

“I feel I am progressing quite well with Spanish. The tutor has helped me considerably”.

“The yoga sessions are very relaxing and stress relieving”.

“Our Course went at a good pace, we had fun and were encouraged to speak Italian at all times”.

“Fun! Energetic! Great music and a great tutor!” (Zumba Gold)

“I think the guitar class is fantastic and I come back all the time!”

“It was great to spend a term learning some more technical steps. Really good fun!” (Tap Improvers)

“Our tutor is making French easy and fun! I cannot wait to start the next term – VERY happy!”

“This class (Monday Writers) is very encouraging and inspiring – many thanks to the tutor!”

“I have learnt so much from the leather craftwork course and finished my project to a high standard. I will be coming back next term!”

“The Pilates teacher was very supportive and skilled, always made and effort to provide individual advice which was very much appreciated and very good value for money!”


And also…

“Classes were very well planned to cater for the needs of the learners. Across the board there is a very positive and educative rapport between learners and tutors. Excellent locations for all classes”

– External Quality Assurance Expert.


Source: Course evaluation sheets – Jan 2014