Course fees: Adminstration fees and Credit Card fees are non-refundable.

Course Cancellation: Refunds will be paid in full by cheque or on to your card when it is necessary for the College to cancel a course or when an application is received for a course that is already full.

Withdrawal: On an individual basis, the College policy is to refund fees only if a request is made no later than fourteen days prior to the course start date. In this instance, refunds are subject to £10 administration charge.

Exceptional circumstances: The Head of Community Education, whose decision is final, will determine any application for a refund of course fees made due to exceptional circumstances. The administration fee paid on enrolment is non-refundable and all requests for refunds are subject to an administrative charge of £10 per course.

Transfers: If a student is unable to attend a course owing to a change in his/her circumstances and wishes to request a transfer of course fees to the start of the next term this will be considered. If agreed the transfer will be subject to a £10 administrative charge. Transfers can only be made within the same academic year.

Taster Sessions: If you are at all unsure about the course you wish to take you are advised to sign up for a single “taster” session in the first instance. The fee for a taster is £10. If you decide to confirm your registration to the full term, the £10 taster fee will cover your administration fee, leaving you to pay the course fee on enrolment.